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Mahabharata - Greatest Epics of all Times - Its Causes, Known or Unknown. Points to Ponder.

We all have read or at least heard Mahabharata since childhood. The stories in it have been the favorite grandma/grandpa stories of all times. There have been many different versions to it. These versions may be region specific or presenter specific. Much has been mentioned about Mahabharata. There have many books written on it. Many TV serials have been made on it - the famous being B. R. Chopra's version. I too have heard many a times the different stories of Mahabharata. I have seen many television serials too. But now, when I ponder over the different versions that I have heard, seen or read, I think about the many possibilities that have taken place, which lead to the occurrence of this 18 day epic war.

The general & the most famous concept is that the war mainly took place due to the injustice done by Duryodhana & his brothers over Pandavas. The entire war, was as commonly known, the fight for justice. Duryodhana is always depicted as the unjust villain. And Pandavas…

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