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गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः

16 July 2019 were marked by too many events this year. And all of them were important. Firstly - It was my birthday that day. I turned 40 and apart from students celebrating the teachers birthday, the day was pretty much uneventful, which I liked. Secondly - It was गुरुपूर्णिमा that day. And hence for the 1st time, my birthday coincided with a truly auspicious event. PG students celebrated that day with style like they do every year. And I received a rose from my PG student. This year I became a PG guide and received my 1st PG student, Dr. Tejashri Jaju. An extremely sweet & sincere girl. And a positive, fresh entry in my life. Thirdly - That day marked Lunar eclipse which started from 4.55 pm and continued up to 24 hours. I becoming a PG guide for the very 1st time and receiving a student too, I would like to write a few words on गुरुपूर्णिमा and Guru.  I start by writing a shloka, which I have copied from the net अज्ञानतिमिरान्धस्यज्ञानाञ्जनशालाकयाचक्षुरुन्मीलितंयेनतस्मैश्रीगुरवेनम The…

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