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India Lockdown 2020 - Probable Reasons

Since 1st January 2020, I was thinking on some topic to inaugurate my blog for the new year. But as I would think or start to write, I would get distracted. Somehow, I would never be able to write the new year post & wish my readers Happy New Year 2020 as I would do every year. 
Time passed by & the new year became a month old. I thought, lets write in February. In that month I shot for my lecture through NPTEL platform, an experience, which I will always remember. Almost 1.5 years of hard work & lots of practice finally yielded good results. As usual, a few words of appreciation about the IIT Bombay campus which was out of the world. Never looked like the place belonged to Bombay (Mumbai). The studio was awesome & I felt like I was just about to read prime time news. The technology was awesome too as it could hide each & every flaw of mine. And the staff, extremely cordial.
But has the technology advanced to a level, that would hide almost every single human flaw…

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